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Miller provides a breath of fresh air and an easy-to-follow path to help those who struggle with trauma reconnect with their inner peace, wholeness, and joy. His writing is vivid and chock-full with helpful analogies, real-life stories, and transforming practices to show how iRest can heal the wounds of PTSD. I will definitely recommend this book to my college students and the veterans I teach to help them manage stress and experience optimal well-being. So, I was delighted to find this book. Miller is not only a trained psychologist, but also a longtime and respected yoga teacher and practitioner.

Because of his experience and unique perspective, he offers the latest research and a supportive program to help us all heal and find our inherent joy. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is no exaggeration to say it will change your life in wondrous ways. Miller has developed an effective, evidence-based protocol which allows veterans to regain control over their emotions and live a more purpose-driven life.

I continue to use iRest meditations in both my professional practice, as well as in my private life. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards Miller for sharing his work with the brave men and women of US Armed Forces. I strongly encourage anyone who is suffering from trauma to read this book. It truly does have the power to change your life. Miller has distilled a clear, practical, and potent guide to heal PTSD and come home to a deeper sense of yourself. Other Recommendations View the entire list. Lisa R. Fortuna and Zayda Vallejo.

The Queer and Transgender Resilience Workbook. Anneliese A. Kabalah Yoga. Finding Sunshine After the Storm. Sharon A. McGee and Curtis Holmes. Transformative Yoga. Wade Morissette. Relax into Yoga for Seniors. Kimberly Carson and Carol Krucoff. Your Surviving Spirit. I Can't Get Over It. Aphrodite T. Stanley H. Block and Carolyn Bryant Block.

Kimber Simpkins. Matthew McKay and Larry Smyth.

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Good stuff for pastors and layleaders. Kristin R. The only pre-requisite is an open mind, and deep desire to life a healthy and joyful life no matter what life brings you. Identifying and freeing yourself of painful stuck emotions, thoughts, beliefs and habits. Recognizing and realizing your unique true limitless natural and authentic identity, talents and purpose. Understanding how to be in the world and live confidently with compassion and knowingness your life purpose and your heart's deepest desires.

They do sell out. Space is limited to ensure personal attention and a great group dynamic.

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Reserve the Fall Retreat before September 6, Additional nights are also available before and after the retreat at discounted group pricing. He is originally from Northern Ca. Carlos has faced many adversities in his life that have ultimately guided him to build resiliency, discipline and a sense of direction in his life.

Carlos grew up without a father or mother figure and became a ward of the court at age 13, resulting in him spending most of his adolescent years in treatment programs, group homes and Youth Authorities. Through the process of treatment and recovery Carlos found a greater purpose in life which inspired and motivated him to establish a healthy foundation for his family. Ozzie Williamson, M.

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Blackfeet Ozzie has been with us since the beginning. Ozzie taught me to look forward. When this first started, I had doubts about what I was going to do, so I went to see Ozzie, and when I left there I never looked back. If there happened to be a little stick on the trail, she would stop and kick it off the trail. What I heard in AA was similar to some of her teachings. Della Bad Wound Oglala Lakota - Employed in the human services field for 50 years working with women, children, youth and elderly.

Her employment included the founding of Western South Dakota Senior Services in western South Dakota as the program director for 17 Nutrition sites for the elders. She has been working with the documentation and preservation of the Lakota Language with the University of Colorado in Boulder for the past 6 years. Della has one son, Michael and his significant other, one younger sister, one younger brother, many nieces and nephews, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Her extended family includes hunka sisters, hunka children and grandchildren. Hunka-making of a relative-adopted. Henrietta Mann N. Her sharing of teachings of the Cycle of Life provided the framework for these trainings.

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After years as a professor and an advocate for Native sovereignty and wellness, Dr. She does the ceremonies and songs. There are many that have and there are many who are yet to do that. Only when we forgive the unforgivable can we really say we are healing, that we have addressed that one aspect of our life.

Saying we can forgive, now we can heal. This is why it is vital to stop listening to the voice of the devil, because his goal is to aggravate the wound and make it fester into an even deeper infection. It can be tempting to desire hatred over healing! When a person has been wounded, they will often choose to retain the feelings of hate and resentment, than to be healed of their wound and see God make everything alright.

Do you really want to be healed? Or would you rather hold on to feelings of hate and resentment inside your heart against that person s who has wronged you? Would you rather see them suffer and punished for their wrong, or would you rather be healed yourself and let off the hook for your mistakes that you've made in life? Remember, Jesus made it clear that if we want to be forgiven and let off to hook for our failures in life, then we need to let others off the hook and give them what we want God to give us - that is, His mercy and forgiveness!

Stop blaming the person who wronged you , because it wasn't what they did to us or what they are doing to us that is keeping us in bondage, it is our own reactions to what was done to us which holds us in spiritual prison. It is our own anger, hate, resentment, and unforgiveness which will keep us behind spiritual bars!

We need to take responsibility for your own failures. One of the reasons that we have a hard time forgiving is because we would have nobody else to blame for our problems. It is important for us to take responsibility concerning our own failures, and give up those things which do not honor the Lord in our hearts. We aren't responsible for what was done to us, but we are responsible for how we chose or choose to react to what happens. Until we can realize our own failures how we've been reacting to what was done to us and take responsibility for what we've allowed into our minds and lives, then it can be a blockage to our emotional healing.

Blaming others will hinder the healing power of the Holy Spirit in our lives, therefore it must be dealt with before healing can freely flow into our mind and emotions. Remember, it is not what was done to us that keeps us in bondage, it is our reaction to what was done to us which causes all the spiritual bondage and torment!

Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome

When a woman is raped, it isn't the rape which causes her spiritual bondage, but rather the way she reacted to it; the hate and resentment that is felt afterwards is what gives Satan a foothold. What if the person who has wronged us is still doing it today and has no repentance in their heart? What they are doing to us cannot keep us in bondage, however, how we choose to react to what they are doing can hold us in bondage and torment spiritually.

Perhaps Satan's best-kept secret to prevent a person's soul from healing, is to cause them to feel like God is somehow disappointed in them, or even angry with them. If the enemy can cause a person to feel like God is not eager to forgive or be merciful to them, this is a sure roadblock to anybody's healing process.

This causes a person to distance themself from the very person Jesus that desires to heal them. You cannot distance yourself from God and receive healing to your emotions at the same time.

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Drawing neigh to Him is a huge key to receiving healing. One day the Holy Spirit spoke to me twice actually! Jesus tells all those who are heavy laden people who are carrying emotional and mental baggage to come unto Him, and He will give them rest see Matthew One of the biggest keys to inner healing, is to come unto Jesus, but Satan's way of preventing that, is to make the person feel like God is angry with them. This has a lot to do with our perception of our relationship with God. If we don't perceive ourselves as being made right with God, it will cause all sorts of spiritual problems and seriously prevent the inner healing process.

I have a powerful teaching just on this very subject which I recommend anybody seeking an inner healing to read. It's called, " Will God Forgive Me? I am not covering this in detail here, so be sure to read this other teaching as well!

Another one of the biggest keys to inner healing is tearing down walls that prohibit the healing power and light of the Holy Spirit to reach the wound to bring healing. The Holy Spirit is very eager and ready to heal our wounded emotions, but He's also a gentleman and won't override our freewill. He honors our freewill so much, that He would even let us choose to reject Jesus and end up in hell - He won't even force us to go to heaven!