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I love you all! Welcome, mystery writer and rabbi, Ilene Schneider. Last summer when I needed research help regarding first century rabbis I turned to ilene.

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She was wonderfully generous in her help. Welcome, Ilene! Chanukah Guilt is the first Rabbi Aviva Cohen mystery. She has completed the second, Unleavened Dead, and is Today I'm doing a blog exchange with K. Dawn Byrd. Dawn is a multi-published author who writes romance, romantic suspense, historical, and young adult fiction. She's an avid blogger and interviews authors who give away several books per week on her blog at www.

If you're the winner of a book, be sure and ask the author to sign it for you.

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Their favorite evening consists of a leisurely walk beside a gorgeous lake near their home while plotting the First the shouting and champagne cork-popping or at least a can of Sprite and then the nail-biting. After all the months of planning, researching, writing, editing, rewriting, comes the waiting.

Then you see the page proofs and the cover— something akin to seeing the photos from an ultra-sound. Then more waiting. At last the book launch.

Kaori Muraji - 村治佳織 - Merry Christmas,Mr Lawrence - Ryuichi Sakamoto's

And there is much rejoicing. Only to be followed by more waiting for the reviews. What if, after all that— months, maybe years of your life— nobody likes it? As you might guess, research is one of my great joys in the job of writing and Father Antony, who lectures on church history at the theological college Felicity is attending, shares my joys. Felicity, a thoroughly modern American woman, who chose to study in a monastery in rural Yorkshire in what she can only describe Friday, A.

Nothing to do but get on with my day. The reading from Revelation for Morning Prayer was especially appropriate; "Glory and honour and power are yours by right, O Lord our God.

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For you created I know, we haven't had Thanksgiving yet. But Halloween is over, although our neighbor's ghost is still blowing in the tree outside my window along with all the lovely autumn leaves. Still, it really is time to start thinking about your Christmas shopping— there's nothing worse than leaving that until the last minute. So I've invited my friend Kathi Macias to help us out with a suggestion for the booklovers on your gift list. Thank you, Donna. I've always thought it would be fun to write one, and now I've actually done it. In addition, I've contracted The second annual Idaho Book Extravaganza was officially a huge success.

Participation trebled that of last year— and projections are that it will triple again next year. I was thrilled to be one of the award recipients along with so many of my friends. The Author Mixer followed. Over to you, Donn:. Thanks for inviting me onto your blog, Donna, and thanks for the prompt about how I came to write my suspense novel The Lazarus File. Unlike my mystery Rhapsody in Red , which developed rather suddenly, Lazarus was a long time in coming about. In the mids I was assigned as commander of an Army aviation company in Verdun, France, and my pilots were flying deHavilland Otters all over free Europe and the Mediterranean area.

I happened then to Thanks to your great response we did it and I'll have the fun of being included in the book. My guest today is Chris Nickson, writer of noir historical mysteries set in Leeds. I met Chris through an online British historical novelists group and we connected because his books are set just a few miles from my fictional Kirkthorpe where The Monastery Murders have their beginnings before Felicity and Antony race further afield chasing and being chased by murderers.

It was a delightful read, Dear Friends and Readers,. Please help! As you can imagine, I would be thrilled to have my profile and books listed in this book along with other up-and-coming authors. All you have to do is click on this link The Authors Show Contest.

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I think you can skip the survey. Then scroll down to Donna Fletcher Crow listed alphabetically and click. The writing of Out Of The Ruins grew out of a lot of serendipitous experiences that gradually floated together in my brain to form a fictional pattern. Neither my husband nor I took Saturday off— that's one of the less felicitous things about both being self-employed and both working from home.

We tend to work pretty much nonstop. Saturday evening we finally sat down and put our feet up to watch a favorite TV program— "MI-5" or "Spooks" depending which side of the pond you're watching it on. Then the phone rang.

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I do write fiction, you understand. In this ephemeral market twenty years and still in print is no small thing. Although, I must explain that it did go OOP My guest today is Kathi Macias.

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Kathi is known for writing award-winning books that tackle tough subjects. I'll let Kathi tell you about it in her own words:. People often ask me why I write about such dark subjects, such as the Persecuted Church or human trafficking. Deliver Me From Evil , the first book in my new Freedom series, depicts the horrors of human trafficking.

The three books in the series follow one after the other, taking the readers into the sordid world of young girls kidnapped or purposely sold into Then you wait.

And pray. I wonder if anyone noticed I was gone? I noticed. Especially when I returned home to messages in my inbox. Romping with grandchildren is much more fun! Stan and I drove to Calgary 15 hours straight through for a half family reunion with two of our four children and their Well, sortof. And I applaud the fact that private donors have given the money to buy the book from the Jesuits at the beautiful Stonyhurst College in Lancashire in order to keep the treasure in England— appropriately at the British Library.

I have long been a fan of Ellie Quick, Veronica Heley's gently determined, overage detective. I asked Veronica especially to focus on the uneasy mother-daughter relationship between Ellie and her difficult daughter Diana. I find But once in awhile one gets a boost that gives energy to the whole day, maybe the whole week. I had one of those recently in the form of a letter from a reader.

With her permission, I share:. Donna, I just read my first "Elizabeth and Richard" mystery. I loved it!!!