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With the invention of Metal Movable Type in the 15th century, ligatures flourished and were a great time saver when setting type. And when you look at the above examples, you can see that ligatures are letters that have been bound or tied together how happy they are about that, I have no idea. So whatever happened to the ligature?

[BRACES EXPLAINED] Color and Steel Ligature Ties

Richard Wendorf, in a lecture The Secret Life of Type , even suggests that the death of the ligature was brought about by a desire to reduce the number of type pieces, and was also influenced by the popular publisher John Bell , who abandoned ligatures; and is also said to be responsible for the death of the long S. Interesting type fact!

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In fact there are entire ligature typefaces out there. In future articles we might take a closer look at the ligature, its history, and how and when they should be employed; and, even their use on the Web.

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Now what do you think of ligatures? Constantia and Georgia demonstrate a good use of ligatures: the naive pairing shows how the bulb and the dot crowd into each other, and the ligatures shift things a little to resolve the clash.

By the way, it was an interesting challenge to get the browsers to display the unligatured f-i pairs. But Chrome substituted the ligature anyway, so I tried putting the f and the i in adjacent spans. This worked in Chrome, but Firefox used the ligature. So I combined both methods:.

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Futura also has a very strange fi ligature. You can disable ligatures in Chrome with this css: font-variant-ligatures: no-common-ligatures; and you could add it to the Stylebot chrome extension for readthedocs.

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I actually have a global rule to add ligatures for all sites but I agree the the Lato one isn't nice. For all browsers:.

Ligatures: A Guide to their Proper and Improper Use

My main gripe is with fi-ligatures in words with "ffi" in them like office on slack - while technically probably a correct use, I find it horrible that the 2 consecutive fs look different :. Now if I could only get those styles applied in the Slack native client. It's really just a wrapper around the web code, but there's no way in.

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