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  • 3. Etiquette on the tee.

The previous rule and this one goes side by side. For practicing the putt , you have to be on the course before your tee time. Right before you tee, you should try to feel the speed of the grass. No one wants to tee first. Everyone feels uncomfortable to tee off at first. But there is a rule to decide who is going to tee off first. Everyone gathers and stands in round, one takes a tee and spins it in the air and lets the tee fall in the ground.

Golf Etiquette (examples)

To whomever the tee is pointing at would tee off first. Repeat the same tee spinning process to decide second, third to last person. Give your attention to the other golfers around you. Show them respect by keeping your mouth shut when they are practicing or taking the shot.

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  7. When you are about to hit the ball, make sure no one is near you in order to avoid accidents. It can happen mostly with the newbies.

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    When they are hitting the ball, they end up striking other players with either the club or ball. This can lead to serious injuries. There will be other groups too. It could be dangerous for you and can irritate the other groups. Plus, when you are driving a golf cart, be slow when you are near other players to avoid any accident.

    When another member of your group is looking for a lost ball, help him to find the ball.

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    This is a good manner and your group member will also feel happy. However, most golfers do know the basics.

    7 Biggest Etiquette Mistakes!! Golf Monthly

    Trust me, you will thank me later. Leave your bag on the line in between the pin and next tee box, when you are ready to putt. Once the group is done with putting, everyone can walk forward to their next hole picking up their bags. This prevents golfers to run back 20 yards to fetch their bags. Right before you start the round, mark your ball, either with a coin or ball marker.

    Golf Like A Sir: 13 Essential Rules Of Good Golf Etiquette

    Ball markers are really helpful. They make a nice difference in putting accuracy. And as golf greens are soft, when you walk over it, it leaves a footprint which can interfere with their putt. Pay attention to your shadow when you are putting green.

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    Shadow makes it really hard for a player to read the break. Whenever you are moving, your shadow could be a distraction to other golfers, especially when it gets closer to the cup. So be very aware of where you are casting your shadow when other players are hitting. We are committed to making the game of golf an integral part of the Shanty Creek experience.

    The following outlines our policy statements regarding Unlimited Golf.

    Throughout the golf season, a number of factors will influence how late in the day we can allow players to stay on the course. Thank you for your attention. Factors that affect play after 6pm play include: course, time, time of season, when irrigation begins, remaining cart battery life, and behavior. For questions about Unlimited Golf or other special requests, always check with the Pro Shop staff.

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