Go for Gold: Inspiration to Increase Your Leadership Impact

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It comes down to paying attention to the people and problems you're dealing with and noticing patterns or potential pitfalls. We've all had moments when we know we could have done more. Long before you get to that moment, come up with a plan and set it in motion.

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Have you ever sat in a meeting where there were only two people doing all the talking? If you want to make an impact, be willing to speak up and speak out. Share what you know and let others know how you can be supportive and helpful.

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Leaders are never silent in meetings. Never ask, "Is there anything I can do?

From Purpose to Impact

Making an impact means seeing what needs to get done and taking the initiative to make sure it happens. Try to do something every day that no one asked you to do. Most people think that making an impact is all about what you say and do. Often overlooked is another important way you can leave your mark--by becoming a great listener. Pay attention to what people say.

Listen to understand and focus on the speaker instead of thinking ahead to your reply.

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Above all, you have to do your job and do it with excellence. But that's where most people stop--and that means you can make an impact by going further and being more helpful, more supportive, more valuable. The extra mile is never crowded. Whether you're just starting out in your first job or are leading a team of your own, remember that people gravitate toward those who have a positive attitude.

It's the person who takes on every task--even the most tedious--with enthusiasm and joy who truly stands out. If you view everything through a negative lens then you're likely to have a negative mindset, but if you cultivate a positive attitude it will take you far. Everyone has the choice to be a leader, to make an impact and leave their mark. Too many people back off from taking the lead in the mistaken belief that leadership and greatness are reserved for a select few.

But in the many years I've served as an executive leadership coach, spending time with top leaders in virtually every field, I have witnessed that the only way people give away their power is by thinking they don't have any. If you take it upon yourself to lead with the idea of serving others, you will not only stand out but will also leave a strong and lasting impression.

It even stimulates our appetite so watch out if you're hungry! Overall, orange is great for bringing comfort in tough times, and creating a sense of fun or freedom in your visuals. Yellow is the epitome of joy, happiness, cheerfulness, optimism—you name it. Anything happy is almost always yellow. Did you know yellow is the first color infants respond to? Whenever you need to lift someone's spirits, increase their confidence, or provide inspiration, use yellow.

Find the right balance of yellow to motivate rather than bring others down. Green is a color of balance and harmony. While green does have minor negative aspects like over-possession and materialism, it has a more positive affect than most other colors. Blue is known for its trust and dependability. It's reliable, responsible, and mentally soothing. For that reason alone, it's one of the most-liked colors across the entire world.

Unlike red, blue lends a more mental reaction rather than physical that allows us to destress, calm down, and think of the most ideal situation. Unfortunately, it also is one of the last colors to be seen, and can be perceived as distant, cold, or unfriendly if used it great amounts. Overall, blue is a well-liked color that can bring a sense of calmness and trust when building relationships, especially in marketing. Purple is most commonly known for its imagination and spirituality. It possesses the energy and power of red, with the stability and reliability of blue, making it a perfect balance between the physical and spiritual.

Purple is often used to show luxury, loyalty, courage, mystery, and magic. It's a very intriguing color as it soothes, but also presents space for mystery and new ideas. This is why creativity is most often associated with the color purple. When using purple, avoid using it too often as it can also cause too much introspection or distraction as thoughts begin to wonder. Pink is a softer, less intense version of red that creates a sense of compassion and unconditional love.

While it's a very physical color, it soothes rather than stimulates, making it a perfect color for caring, understanding, and nurturing those in need. Pink is a sign of hope. If too much pink is used, it can be very draining, show a lack of power, and even immature. Overall, pink can be a great counter-option to the color red when used appropriately. Brown, while maybe not the most visual stimulating color, is a great sign of structure, security, and protection.

Go for Gold: Inspiration to Increase Your Leadership Impact

Whether it's family, friends, and material possessions, brown offers constant support. The downfall to brown is that it's the most safe color and can seem reserved, scheduled, and boring. Gold has quite a few different meanings depending on your culture. Too much gold, however, can seem egotistical, proud, and self-righteous.

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Black is a color of sophistication, seriousness, control, and independence. Although, it can also be used to show evil, mystery, depression, and even death. It likes to stay hidden, in control, and separate from others. For this reason, black is a great color for high contrast and easy legibility. Unfortunately, since its a very powerful color, too much black can cause sadness and overall negativity so use it sparingly and in your text more so than the visuals itself. Since white has an equal balance of all the colors, it can exemplify several meanings, with equality outweighing them all.

White is a great color for simplicity, cleanliness, and idea creation; however, avoid using too much white as it can cause isolation, loneliness, and emptiness. He also discovered that red stimulates our nervous system while blue relaxes it.

Color also means different things in different cultures. According to researcher Joe Hallock "Eskimos use 17 words for white as applied to different snow conditions, where in the Northwest United States there are only 4 or 5. Every culture understands a color differently. It has a role to play in religion, politics, ceremony, and art.

The culture your audience is in affects how they understand deeper meanings of color. Even the context you use the color in affects the meaning of color. For example, in India, red means purity, while in the U. In a survey , people were asked to choose the color they associated with particular words.

How Great Leaders Embrace Change with John C Maxwell (Motivational)

Blue is clearly a color people are positively drawn to, but beyond that, little else can be said. Depending upon the context of the rest of your content, black can mean high quality and trust, or it can mean fear and terror. It can't do it on its own, but surrounded by your content, a color choice can bump up your intended meaning a notch. Men and women have different color preferences. Women see more colors than men, generally. They are more aware of slight color differences within a color range. This may explain why men simply call the color blue Women, on the other hand, see cerulean, sky, teal, turquoise, and all sorts of varieties of blue.

Perhaps it is a combination of being able to visually see more differentiation and considering it worthy of a more specific name. Perhaps men are better able to tolerate both colorless and bright color palettes because they aren't as sensitive to the nature and nuances of the color as women seem to be.

Well, is your audience mostly men or is it women? What age are they? Do the colors you're using in your content marketing attract or repel that audience? If your audience is women, in particular, you must carefully choose colors that are not too raucous.