Chasing Demons - A True Haunting

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Her concerned family eventually convinced priests, and they went on to perform multiple exorcisms. Anneliese died in of pneumonia, before the last exorcism there'd been 40 by that time could be performed. This unnerving elevator surveillance tape, that records a young woman's strange behaviour in an elevator, has been claimed by many to show proof of ghosts. Because it features the last few moments of Elisa Lam's life.

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In the footage, Elisa's repeated attempts at pressing the lift buttons prove to be ineffective; it refuses to move, and the doors open and close apparently at random. She can also be seen moving in and out of the lift, 'hiding' from someone outside it and chatting and gesturing with some seemingly 'invisible entity'. Right after the events of the video, Elisa apparently gained access to the rooftop of the hotel, climbed to its water tank and, somehow, ended up drowning in it. The rooftop was alarmed, the tank was 8-foot-high, and she managed to close the heavy lid after herself, despite the fact workers had to cut it open with tools to remove her body.

Many paranormal investigators have claimed that this - along with the frightening footage - proves that Elisa's death was caused by supernatural forces. In the late s, priests of the Roman Catholic Church performed a series of exorcisms on a young German boy. Roland Doe so referred to in a bid to protect his identity allegedly broke his restraints, pulled a spring out of his mattress, and used it to attack one of the priests during an exorcism which took place at Georgetown University Hospital.

According to reports, strange words appeared all over the boy's body, his bed was alleged to shake during the encounter, and he spoke in a frightening, guttural voice. After breaking the priest's nose, Roland succumbed to the exorcism and went on to lead "a rather ordinary life". Hitchhiking is a very dangerous mode of transportation - both for the driver and for the hitchhiker.

But we suppose you have nothing to lose if you're already dead.

On a stretch of road near Resurrection Cemetery in Justice, Illinois, an attractive blond-haired, blue-eyed young woman - all dressed in white - is often spotted with her thumb in the air, trying to wave down a car for a ride. As she's so very beautiful, plenty of men do pull over and let her hop in. Each time, she asks to be taken to the cemetery. And, each time, when they arrive at her final destination, she vanishes into thin air. They explain: "On three consecutive days, palace security staff were called to close one particular fire door near the palace's Introductory Exhibition.

Cannock Chase in Staffordshire is reportedly haunted by the ghosts of three children who were murdered by Raymond Leslie Morris in the s. People have reported seeing the children running through the woodland at night. Some have reported that the children sometimes giggle - while other claim that they've heard them begging for help.

Real-life ghost stories: 17 terrifying hauntings, exorcisms and unexplained deaths

Two things always remain the same, however; the children are clothed in white - and they have frightening, staring black eyes. Ghostbuster Tom Buckmaster, who captured the footage, said: "It looks like a child dressed in white — you can see the legs moving as it walks. But was Johnson really to blame for his actions - or had he been possessed? In the first ever case to cite demonic possession as a defence for murder, Johnson's lawyers argued that his actions stemmed from a pattern of erratic behaviour which began when Johnson was just a child. Johnson's family had even consulted with "demonologists" Ed and Lorraine Warren, saying that the child had been taunted and harassed by spirits and demons for most of his life.

Ultimately, the judge ruled that demonic possession was NOT a valid defence against first-degree murder. However, despite being found guilty, Johnson only served five years of his ten-to-twenty year sentence. Yes, we've all seen the film - but, once again, the horror movie was based on real life events.

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In the s, the family of Carmen Snedeker reported some very strange incidents in their Connecticut home during the s. It soon transpired that their home had formerly been used as a funeral parlour… and that the spirits were deeply unhappy that the living had moved in. Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren were called in to examine the home, which they professed was infested with demons.

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Speaking about the horror film that came later, Lorraine said the actual case was "much, much scarier than any movie could ever be. According to legend, Chloe was a slave in the early 19th century - but she was fiercely independent and keen to gain her freedom. As a result, she started listening at doors and windows, in a bid to garner the information she needed to break free. But, one day, she was found at the door - and the foreman cut off her ear.

In revenge, she baked a poisonous cake for plantation owner Judge Clarke Woodruff… But his wife and two young daughters ate it instead. Chloe was hanged from a tree on the plantation. But her soul is still not at rest. A famous photo of taken of the plantation in - and, in it, 'Chloe' can be seen listening at the door.

Staff say that she appears frequently between two trees outside the home, and she is credited with many mysterious goings-on inside, from misplaced earrings to moving furniture. This creepy footage shows a spooky figure wandering through the park late at night, looking oddly translucent on the CCTV cameras.

One evening, in the fall of , while the Willmans family was at dinner—father, mother and four children between the ages of 12 and 16—a letter dropped out of the air near the ceiling and landed in the middle of the dining room table. The bewildered family looked at one another, then—after a few long moments— Mrs. Wellmans carefully picked up the letter and opened it.

The letter was written in an archaic hand, as of a young child, with capital and lowercase letters mixed up and numerous spelling errors. The message, however, was clear: whoever or whatever had written the letter stated that the family had ten days to leave the house or some dreadful tragedy would befall them. When the family did not vacate the farm, more letters appeared, taking on a tone of viciousness, and falling from the air at the feet of the horrified family members.

The letters increased as the days wore on, as the entity alternated between threatening the family and predicting visits from family and friends and other future events.

See a Problem?

When Mr. My cow is giving cheese instead of milk! Willmans looked into the pail, the milk had turned to cheese when it touched the pail. That same day, Willmans had seen a black cat wandering around the farm and shot at it to chase it off. I did it! And the letters still came, written on every kind of paper the entity could find, and sometimes in ink, in pencil or even in the bluing Mrs. Wellmans used for the laundry. When the dog was outside before a letter dropped he would begin to bark and howl and claw at the door of the house, desperate to get inside at something.

When let in, however, he would run inside and stop dead in his tracks in front of some invisible presence, running back to the door and whining to get out. The demon or whatever it was also played tricks on visitors, including a family member who came to visit one Sunday. He and the family sat in the parlor to talk. The visitor had hung up his coat and hat on the coat rack in a corner of the room.

Demonic Possession Cases Are Increasing

After their visit, he rose to leave and went to the coat rack, which had been in full view the entire time, to get his things. His hat was gone, and the front of his coat had been smeared with butter. The hat was found in the garden, tattered and filled with dirt and rotten apples. Willmans opened the cupboard, which was also in full view of everyone, and took the lid off the butter crock. Inside she found an indentation of fingers as if someone had scooped out a handful of it.

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