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They are receptive to new ideas.

Marked By Destiny: Hidden Secrets Saga, #3

They have a knack for adapting to their environment. Moon in Cancer. The emotional nature. There is a desire to work along the line of least resistance. They are sociable and domestic, sometimes talkative. Their emotions are influenced by the environment. They can be imposed upon and may resent this but never complain.

Bay of Sighs. Nora Roberts

They enjoy travel and home. They are fond of the occult and antiques. They desire to live near water. They may be either consciously or unconsciously psychic. Sun in Leo — These characters have an active mind and generally a sunny nature. They are ambitious, independent and determined. When they have a goad people should get out of the way. They can be outspoken and candid. The Leo character appreciates affection. They are fond of drama and often employ dramatic scenes to get their way.

Ascendant in Leo — The face shown to the world is one that is good natured and generous. They do have great hope and fortitude.

Grudges are not held for long. They are conscientious and charitable and are loyal friends. Then have a need to be in a position of authority.

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Moon in Leo- The emotional nature is generally sunny. Watch out beneath the sunshine lies ambition, self-confidence and self-reliance. This is a loyal friend. Leo moon gives a fondness of home a particularity in dress, a love of pleasure. Those with a Leo moon like and enjoy the opposite sex.

Bio: Janet Lane Walters has been published for more than 50 years. Her career in writing has been interrupted by stints as a nurse, returning to work to help send her children to college.

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She has four children. One is an adopted biracial child. She has seven grandchildren, four black and three Chinese.

Her family is as eclectic as her writing. She writes mysteries, romance — contemporary, paranormal, fantasy and alternate worlds, and under j. Walters she has several YA fantasies.

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During her long career, she has also published short stories, poetry and several non-fiction books. She has won a number of awards for her stories. An audio recording of a poem as recorded within the story of Ancient Script of Lovecontu audio poem, please select this link. Clark — A Parliament of Crows.

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Neutron stars possess incredible density, but their surfaces are comparatively thin, with densities about a million times greater than gold. Their interiors crush matter to a much greater degree densities rise by million times in their centers. To begin to imagine such mind-boggling densities, consider that a cubic centimeter of neutron star matter outweighs Mount Everest. By 7 milliseconds, tidal forces overwhelm and shatter the lesser star. Its superdense contents erupt into the system and curl a spiral arm of incredibly hot material. At 13 milliseconds, the more massive star has accumulated too much mass to support it against gravity and collapses, and a new black hole is born.

While most of the matter from both neutron stars will fall into the black hole, some of the less dense, faster moving matter manages to orbit around it, quickly forming a large and rapidly rotating torus. Scientists think neutron star mergers like this produce short gamma-ray bursts GRBs. Short GRBs last less than two seconds yet unleash as much energy as all the stars in our galaxy produce over one year.

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The rapidly fading afterglow of these explosions presents a challenge to astronomers. A key element in understanding GRBs is getting instruments on large ground-based telescopes to capture afterglows as soon as possible after the burst. Into his life she came—wanting…willing…wanton. The door clicked then swung inward, steam drifting out. The tee slipped from his hand. He told himself to pick it up and race downstairs before she saw him.

His legs refused to move.

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He slipped his hand behind her neck and pushed her into the door. The wood smacked the doorstop and vibrated, matching the sounds from his sprinting heart. Toni dropped her brush. It tapped across the linoleum. Toni melted into him, her chest pumping with her strangled breaths. She slumped.

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A faint sound rose from her throat, sounding like pure pleasure. Air whooshed from her. She sagged against the door. Toni moaned indecently, encouraging him to do more.