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This type of problem rarely gets better without therapy. This problem might make you may think the floor is tilted. The walls will also appear tilted, and your body tilts to compensate. Addressing this problem involves balance activities such as training to put more weight on the foot of your unaffected side. I seeing double?

Therapists also use special prism glasses called yoked prisms that can affect spatial perception and body posture. A stroke can cause a lesion in the brain involving the optic nerve that results in a hemianopsia, commonly called a field cut.

This can involve several areas in both eyes. Reading can be a chore, and therapy may involve using a line guide or a device that helps isolate the lines when reading.

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Relaxation and breathing techniques can help, too. If diplopia turns out to be intractable, it can be managed as last resort by obscuring part of the patient's field of view.

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  • Double vision – also called diplopia – will make you see two separate images of a single object..
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This approach is outlined in the article on diplopia occurring in association with a condition called horror fusionis. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Double vision disambiguation.

Treating double vision

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    Why Am I Seeing Double? – When to See an Ophthalmologist About Double Vision

    Temporary episodes of double vision can happen for many reasons, including drinking too much alcohol or being overly tired. This type of short-term double vision is usually not cause for worry. The ability to see a single image with two eyes involves a complex system of muscles, nerves and other eye parts. When two eyes correctly and accurately point and focus at the same time, we see only one image of the world.

    When two eyes point and focus differently from each other, diplopia may occur.

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    Some people are born with eyes that are not properly aligned — a condition called strabismus. Eyes can be crossed inward or turn outward. One eye can even go up while the other goes down. If you have strabismus, you will see double if your brain allows it, because each eye sees a different thing at the same time.

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    But the brain usually adapts by shutting down or ignoring the information from one eye. This is called suppression. Surgery or vision therapy can help many people with strabismus.