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But Anna has a fantasy which doe not merely involves women, it involves inviting one precise girl into her couple, for a real and long-term three-way love triangle relationship. After some online chatting and playing sessions, Nina takes a train and comes to visit Anna and Jonathan for a weekend. A very hot and steamy weekend with a little bit of taboo.

As per the other book in this series, this short stories book is not about romance. My short stories with explicit sex for women and men always build on love, friendship and cheekiness but they go straight to the point and contain very explicit sex scenes.

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They are written to be read easily and rapidly, in five to ten minutes, again and again. If you are looking for a little bit of selfish sexy fun every once in a while, my book was made for you! Earlier in the evening, after being stood up by her boyfriend, Tasha befriended the lovely couple, Don and Sharon Whiting. Over many glasses of wine and a delicious meal, Tasha found herself impressed by their wealth and influence -- and they both weren't that bad on the eyes.

For all outward appearances, the couple was the usual white, privileged, and happy couple. She was successfully seduced by the beautiful, worldly, and mature woman; and honestly, thoroughly enjoyed it. It was as if Sharon knew all about her taboo and kinky fantasies and was more than happy to explore them with her. Now, Don approached Tasha and his wife in the aftermath of their mutual orgasms. He had been sitting in the shadows of the room, in a plush velvet armchair, quietly sipping his bourbon, watching as his wife and partner of twenty-five years, artfully seduced Tasha.

He removed the skin tight dress from her, finally uncovering her delicious chocolate body he had been dying to get his hands on all night. At the same time, Sharon continued softly licking her drenched pussy. She loved the attention that she was receiving from the couple, both licking and sucking her simultaneously, their tongues sampling and tasting her.

The feeling of their lips and hands moving over her body, seeking to deliver overwhelming pleasure, was electric. She was so turned on, hot and ready for anything this couple wanted from her. First, watching the couple kiss, then kissing Sharon, whose tongue still carried the taste of her. When Tasha turned her kisses to Don, she became aware how the differences between man and woman were broad yet similar; where Sharon was soft and sweet yet controlling, Don was textured, sensuous, and catered to her.

Both wanted her, both wanted to get inside her and explore her darkest urges, and that turned her on the most. Tasha licked her lips, moaning at the sight of his saluting cock; it seems unassuming Don was packing a lot of meat.

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